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Articles by J. Peter Pham

Title Publication Date
Notes for Understanding African Migration AfricaSource October 4, 2018
Chinese Aid and Investment in Africa Foreign Policy August 31, 2018
China Provides Africa Opportunity—and Risk New Atlanticist August 27, 2018
After Mali's Runoff, Challenges Remain AfricaSource August 13, 2018
20 Years After the Embassy Bombings: The Long War in Africa New Atlanticist August 6, 2018
Why Mali's Election Matters AfricaSource July 30, 2018
Reflecting on Mandela's Centenary New Atlanticist July 17, 2018
The Reckoning South Sudan Needs New Atlanticist July 10, 2018
The Reckoning South Sudan Needs New Atlanticist July 10, 2018
Somalia's Continuing Crisis Worsens with UAE Dispute AfricaSource April 23, 2018
Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Marks Milestone, Approaches Completion AfricaSource April 3, 2018
Zimbabwe's Mugabe is Gone, But What About His Enablers? The American Conservative November 29, 2017
U.S. Strikes on ISIS in Somalia Underscore Threat, Vulnerabilities New Atlanticist November 6, 2017
Niger is on the Front Lines of the War against Terrorism The Hill October 30, 2017
Morocco Wrong-foots Its African Critics Daily Maverick February 1, 2017
Germany's "Marshall Plan" for Africa New Atlanticist January 23, 2017
Monsieur Hollande Goes to Africa New Atlanticist January 17, 2017
Africa's Economic Prospects in 2017: Ten Countries to Watch AfricaSource January 9, 2017
Why the Resilience of Islamist Militants Will Threaten Security across Africa in 2017 Newsweek December 30, 2016
A Measured U.S. Strategy for the New Africa Atlantic Council Strategy Papers December 7, 2016
Why Trump Should Make Africa a Foreign Policy Priority The Hill November 15, 2016
COP22, Climate Change, and Africa AfricaSource November 3, 2016
Congo on the Edge The Hill September 27, 2016
Beware of Boko Haram's Resilience The Cipher Brief September 1, 2016
The Unlikely Contender to Dethrone Gabon's 50-year-Old Dynasty Washington Post August 29, 2016
President Obama's Legacy in Africa Is A State of Mind Newsweek August 28, 2016
King Affirms Africa as "Top Priority" in Moroccan Foreign Policy AfricaSource August 22, 2016
What Was Bibi Doing in Africa? Newsweek July 8, 2016
Africa and Brexit: Not All Bad News New Atlanticist June 28, 2016
Sudan Still a "State Sponsor of Terrorism"? AfricaSource June 8, 2016
America's Friend in North Africa Deserves Better New Atlanticist May 19, 2016
Embracing Impact Atlantic Council April 14, 2016
Whither "Democratic" Congo's Democracy? The Hill April 12, 2016
Senegal Consolidates Its Constitutional Democracy AfricaSource March 29, 2016
Africa's Pivotal Year The American Interest January 12, 2016
Looking Out for Africa in 2016 The Hill January 4, 2016
Time to Revisit America's Sanctions on Sudan The Hill December 16, 2015
Morocco's Green March at 40 The Hill November 5, 2015
Africa John Hay Initiative September 28, 2015
No Exit U.S. News & World Report September 4, 2015
A Test for African Democracy—and International Commitment The American Interest September 4, 2015
South Africa's Bizarro-World Foreign Policy AfricaSource August 24, 2015
Moroccan "Exceptionalism" Deserves Support The American Interest August 5, 2015
Nigerian President's Visit a Refresh for U.S.-Nigerian Relations The Hill July 20, 2015
Free Trade Pact Highlights Egypt's Pivot Back towards Africa AfricaSource June 10, 2015
Crisis in Burundi: The Missed Ethnic Dimension AfricaSource June 8, 2015
Kabila's Plan B for the Congo AfricaSource June 4, 2015
Guinée : l'heure de vérité approche JOL Press June 4, 2015
Reasons for Cheer in Election of African Development Bank's New President AfricaSource May 29, 2015
The Human Cost of America's Not-So-Smart Sudan Sanctions Huffington Post May 28, 2015
Real African Solutions to Africa's Challenges The Hill May 26, 2015
Dangerous Game: Guinea's President Plays the Ethnic Card AfricaSource May 12, 2015
Bolster U.S.-Nigeria Ties to Seal Democratic Gains The Hill May 7, 2015
Nile Accord Opens Opportunity AfricaSource May 4, 2015
A Democratic Call to the Congo Huffington Post April 27, 2015
Why Guinea's Election Crisis Matters U.S. News & World Report April 23, 2015
Boosting African Democracy The Hill April 7, 2015
Nigeria Votes, Africa Wins U.S. News & World Report March 31, 2015
Nigeria's Moment The Hill March 27, 2015
Russia's Return to Africa: An Update AfricaSource March 23, 2015
Guinea's Democracy Stillborn? AfricaSource March 19, 2015
Democratic Congo's Democracy Deficit AfricaSource March 16, 2015
Boko Haram's Pledge of Allegiance to ISIS: What It Means CNN.com March 10, 2015
Backstory on Kidnapped Minister Underscores Challenges in CAR AfricaSource February 13, 2015
Nigeria's Election Postponement Can Be An Opportunity AfricaSource February 8, 2015
Nigeria's Big Decision U.S. News & World Report February 6, 2015
What Africa Strategy? New Atlanticist February 6, 2015
March for Paris, But Don't Overlook Boko Haram Horror CNN.com January 12, 2015
Boko Haram has become Africa's ISIS The Hill January 7, 2015
Pourquoi la Guinée compte encore pour la France et l'Europe Le Huffington Post November 28, 2014
Trouble Looming in Guinea, and Why that Matters The Hill November 25, 2014
Boko Haram's Big Week: Why We Should Care AfricaSource November 17, 2014
Five Ideas for a Post-Midterms Africa Agenda The Hill November 10, 2014
Burkina Faso Update: Missed Opportunity? AfricaSource October 31, 2014
Burkina Faso: The Consequences of Burning Down the House AfricaSource October 31, 2014
West African Countries Show Ebola Can Be Beaten The Hill October 21, 2014
Security Challenges and Opportunities in the New Africa The Ambassadors Review October 3, 2014
Beyond the Immediate Tragedy: Ebola's Long-Term Implications New Atlanticist October 1, 2014
Africa's Islamic State? AfricaSource September 8, 2014
All Eyes on Africa YaleGlobal August 14, 2014
A New Africa Comes to Washington The Hill August 6, 2014
Morocco's Emergence as a Gateway to Business in Africa Atlantic Council August 4, 2014
Burkina Faso "Punches Above Its Weight" AfricaSource August 1, 2014
In Congo, Third Time's No Charm The Hill June 17, 2014
Making a Hash(tag) of Africa Policy The Hill May 28, 2014
Russia's Return to Africa Atlantic Council March 14, 2014
Let's Give Somalia's Government the Non-Recognition It Deserves New Atlanticist February 26, 2014
Morocco: Willing and Able in Africa The Hill February 19, 2014
Does Washington Have a Stake in the Sahel? Council on Foreign Relations January 14, 2014
After the Guns Go Silent, A New Political Order for Both Sudans and Their Relations with the West to Emerge The East African (Nairobi) January 11, 2014
Saving South Sudan New Atlanticist January 6, 2014
South Sudan on the Edge New Atlanticist December 23, 2013
Nelson Mandela: Visionary Pragmatist New Atlanticist December 5, 2013
India's New African Horizons: An American Perspective Africa Review November 26, 2013
State Collapse, Insurgency, and Counterinsurgency: Lessons from Somalia U.S. Army War College Press November 15, 2013
Morocco's Vital Role in Northwest Africa's Security and Development Atlantic Council November 12, 2013
Poaching Peace and Security New Atlanticist October 28, 2013
No Hollywood Ending to Piracy off Somalia Los Angeles Times October 11, 2013
Back to Somalia? New Atlanticist October 7, 2013
Mali's Election: Good Enough, But Not Sufficient New Atlanticist July 25, 2013
Conflict and Opportunity on the Nile New Atlanticist June 19, 2013
What Xi Sees in Africa New Atlanticist March 25, 2013
Niger Needs More Than Drones New Atlanticist February 25, 2013
Morocco and the African Union Brenthurst Discussion Papers February 24, 2013
Mali: Mission (Pas) Accomplie New Atlanticist February 4, 2013
Managing Mali New Atlanticist January 28, 2013
U.S. Africa Policy: A Second Term Pivot? African Arguments January 21, 2013
Parallels in More Ways than One New York Times January 15, 2013
Mali: No Way to Go to a War Going Nowhere New Atlanticist January 14, 2013
Law of the Sea Tribunal Ruling Muddies the Waters Not Just for Ghana New Atlanticist December 18, 2012
To Save Congo, Let It Fall Apart New York Times December 1, 2012
Divided Government and America's Bipartisan Africa Agenda New Atlanticist November 8, 2012
Ghana carga contra la Argentina La Nación (Buenos Aires) October 26, 2012
Ghana's Moment: The Libertad and the Rule of Law GhanaWeb October 19, 2012
Dealing With Mali's Plunge Into Failed State Status U.S. News & World Report October 16, 2012
Ghana Takes on Argentina The National Interest October 16, 2012
Cry Libertad: Ghana's Blow for Rule of Law, Fiscal Probity New Atlanticist October 5, 2012
The Weak Hand of Somalia's New President New Atlanticist September 11, 2012
Africa in the "New, New World" Atlantic Council July 19, 2012
El dilema de Mali Casa África July 16, 2012
Bamako Bind Brenthurst Briefing June 28, 2012
An Incomplete Justice New York Times April 26, 2012
Malawi Gets Another Chance New Atlanticist April 9, 2012
Boko Haram's Evolving Threat Africa Security Brief (Africa Center for Strategic Studies) April 5, 2012
Islamists Gain Ground Amid Mali Coup TSG IntelBrief April 4, 2012
The Mess in Mali New Atlanticist April 2, 2012
Senegal's Election: What's at Stake New Atlanticist March 22, 2012
Why Piracy Matters Diplomatic Courier March 20, 2012
The Fallout from Kony 2012 The National Interest Online March 13, 2012
The Wrong Somalia Conference New Atlanticist February 22, 2012
The Splintering of Al Shabaab: The Rough Road from War to Peace Foreign Affairs February 2, 2012
South Sudan Struggles in Its Infancy Voice of America January 19, 2012
The Islamist Threat to Africa's Rise in 2012 New Atlanticist January 3, 2012
A (Slightly) Merrier Christmas in Mogadishu New Atlanticist December 22, 2011
Democratic Congo's Troubling Election New Atlanticist November 28, 2011
More than Liberia's Fragile Democracy at Risk New Atlanticist November 9, 2011
Assessing the Hunt for the LRA New Atlanticist October 17, 2011
How to End the Stalemate in Somalia Foreign Affairs October 3, 2011
Whither the African Union? New Atlanticist September 26, 2011
Libya and Africa: The Reset New Atlanticist August 26, 2011
Al-Qaeda's North African Franchise Moves South New Atlanticist August 5, 2011
Somalia: Beyond the Famine New Atlanticist August 1, 2011
Review of "The Pirates of Somalia," by Jay Bahadur San Francisco Chronicle July 24, 2011
U.S.-Morocco Treaty Partnership at 225 New Atlanticist July 15, 2011
South Sudan: Free at Last! Now What? New Atlanticist July 11, 2011
Morocco Bets on Reform New Atlanticist June 23, 2011
The Plagues of Somalia The National Interest Online June 13, 2011
Somalia: Where a State Isn't a State The Fletcher Forum on World Affairs June 1, 2011
Somaliland at 20 New Atlanticist May 18, 2011
Al Qaeda's Franchises after Osama Bin Laden New Atlanticist May 2, 2011
Securing North Africa's Oasis of Stability New Atlanticist April 21, 2011
Goodluck's Win -- and Nigeria's New Atlanticist April 19, 2011
What Next in Ivory Coast? New Atlanticist April 6, 2011
Why Nigeria Matters New Atlanticist April 4, 2011
Libya and Africa New Atlanticist March 24, 2011
India in Africa U.S. Army War College, Strategic Studies Institute Monograph March 9, 2011
The Battle for Libya: Implications for Africa World Defense Review March 3, 2011
Somali Piracy Hits America World Defense Review February 24, 2011
Moroccan Exceptionalism? World Defense Review February 10, 2011
Review of "The Next Decade," by George Friedman San Francisco Chronicle February 6, 2011
Somalia in Need of New Approach Two Decades after State Collapse World Defense Review February 1, 2011
Tempest in Tunis The National Interest Online January 21, 2011
Côte d'Ivoire Crisis: Some Lessons to Be Learned World Defense Review January 13, 2011
A New Chapter for Africa The National Interest Online January 10, 2011
Africa's Top Flash Points in 2011 World Defense Review January 4, 2011
Abyei: The Abscess Threatening the Sudan World Defense Review December 9, 2010
Khartoum's Denouement The National Interest Online December 3, 2010
Behind Iran's Foiled Gambian Gambit World Defense Review December 2, 2010
Sudan: Obstacles Beyond the Referendum allAfrica.com December 1, 2010
Beyond Secession The National Interest Online November 18, 2010
Somalia's New Prime Minister World Defense Review October 18, 2010
Brazil's Expanding Links in Africa World Defense Review October 12, 2010

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