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Title Publication Date
China Announces Big Investment in Africa CNN International September 4, 2018
Can Mnangagwa Bring Zimbabwe Together After Election Unrest? PBS August 2, 2018
Post-Election Violence in Zimbabwe BBC August 1, 2018
The Impact of Xi Jinping's Africa Tour GCTN July 28, 2018
Biggest Takeaways from President Xi's Visit to Africa CGTN July 23, 2018
The Meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari Monocle 24 Radio April 30, 2018
China in Africa i24 News March 26, 2018
Africa After Tillerson Voice of America March 23, 2018
U.S. Secretary of State's Mission to Africa i24 News March 8, 2018
Israel's Improving Relations with Africa i24 News March 6, 2018
Spotlight on Africa: South Sudan, Kenya, DRC, Ethiopia, and South Africa Voice of America February 17, 2018
Africa Roundtable, Part I PBS February 16, 2018
Zuma's Departure Drama CGTN February 12, 2018
Current Political Climate in Kenya CGTN November 28, 2017
Zimbabwe Begins New Era CTV News November 24, 2017
Zimbabwe's President Resigns CBC News November 21, 2017
Robert Mugabe Sacked from Zimbabwe's Ruling Party CGTN November 21, 2017
Mugabe's Own Party Wants Him Out CTV November 17, 2017
The Legitimacy of Kenya's Presidential Election Redo CGTN October 27, 2017
Africa: Niger, Somalia and Kenya Election Re-run Voice of America October 27, 2017
A Look at the Presence of ISIS and Its Affiliated Groups in Africa NPR October 25, 2017
Attacks Threaten Somalia's Road Toward Stability Public Radio International October 17, 2017
U.S. soldiers Were Ambushed in Niger. Here's What American Forces are Doing There PBS October 5, 2017
Three US Special Forces Soldiers Die in Niger, As Diplomacy Takes a Backseat in Africa Policy PRI October 5, 2017
Humanitarian Crisis in Africa Voice of America March 24, 2017
Famine in South Sudan CGTN February 27, 2017
Africa Update Voice of America January 20, 2017
Obama's Legacy in Africa CCTV America December 1, 2016
U.S.-Africa in a Trump Administration Voice of America November 25, 2016
Chibok Schoolgirls Released BBC October 13, 2016
South Sudan CCTV America October 12, 2016
South Sudan Violence Voice of America August 19, 2016
South Sudan Clashes CCTV America July 11, 2016
Africa Update Voice of America June 3, 2016
Kenya is Keeping Secret Casualties Suffered in the Fight CNN May 31, 2016
Kenya Covers Up Military Massacre CNN May 31, 2016
Nigeria Hosts Talks on Battling Boko Haram CNN International May 14, 2016
Politics in the Democratic Republic of Congo Voice of America May 11, 2016
Boko Haram and the Chibok Schoolgirls BBC April 12, 2016
The Role of Development Partners in Promoting Democracy and Good Governance in Africa Voice of America April 6, 2016
Ivory Coast Attack Indicates al Qaeda Resurgent Africa CNN March 14, 2016
Explosive Residue Found on Plane CNN February 3, 2016
"Africa's Big Year" The American Interest January 26, 2016
Gunmen Take Hostages in Hotel Attack CNN International January 15, 2016
Rwanda's President Dangles the Possibility of a Third Term NPR December 21, 2015
Africa Update Voice of America December 4, 2015
U.S. Sending Troops to Cameroon to Monitor Boko Haram PBS October 16, 2015
An Election in Guinea The American Interest September 15, 2015
Obama Back to His Kenyan Roots on African Trip Agence France-Presse July 24, 2015
Kenyan Security Ahead of President Obama's Visit NPR July 24, 2015
Africa Expert on Scathing Nigeria Human Rights Report CNN June 3, 2015
Will Nigeria's New President Reset Relations with the U.S.? PBS May 29, 2015
Africa Roundtable, Part 2 PBS May 17, 2015
Africa Roundtable, Part 1 PBS May 10, 2015
Al-Shabaab and Boko Haram Voice of America April 17, 2015
Nigerian Elections Voice of America April 3, 2015
Al-Shabaab Attack on Kenyan University BBC April 2, 2015
Nigerian Army Advances Against Boko Haram As Election Looms NPR March 20, 2015
Boko Haram and ISIS Voice of America March 13, 2015
Does Boko Haram's ISIS Pledge Expose Another Global Threat? Fox News Channel March 9, 2015
Boko Haram Takes a Page from ISIS Propaganda Book NPR March 5, 2015
Shopping Malls Increase Security after al-Shabaab Threats CCTV America News February 23, 2015
U.S. Not Ruling Out Military Intervention CCTV News February 20, 2015
U.S. Likely to Re-engage with the Nigerian Military CCTV News February 19, 2015
Nigeria Election Delay Voice of America February 13, 2015
Nigeria's Boko Haram Plan a "Tall Order" CNN International February 10, 2015
Boko Haram Update CNN January 19, 2015
The U.S. and International Response to the Ebola Crisis Voice of America October 31, 2014
What's Motivating the Boko Haram Cease-Fire? PBS October 17, 2014
The World Steps Up on Ebola Relief Efforts MSNBC October 16, 2014
Have We Neglected Terrorism in Africa? MSNBC September 4, 2014
U.S. Airstrikes Might Narrow Aims Of Somalia's Leading Jihadi Group NPR September 3, 2014
Somalia Airstrike and Other U.S. Operations in Africa Monocle 24 Radio September 3, 2014
Religion and the New Africa PBS August 8, 2014
100 Days since Schoolgirls' Abduction, What Explains Boko Haram's Expanding Reach? PBS July 23, 2014
Killing Fields of Somalia CCTV July 8, 2014
World Losing Interest in Boko Haram? Fox News Channel June 25, 2014
Investigating Terrorism Finance CCTV May 19, 2014
Nigeria's Kidnapped Girls CTV News May 13, 2014
Will Nigeria's Government Acknowledge Boko Haram's Prisoner Exchange Proposal? PBS May 12, 2014
South Sudan/C.A.R. Crises Voice of America April 18, 2014
Nigerian School Girls Abducted CTV News April 15, 2014
Peacekeepers Being Deployed CTV News April 11, 2014
Boko Haram Militants Suspected in Murderous Attack on Nigerian School PBS February 25, 2014
Crisis in the Central African Republic Al Jazeera English January 8, 2014
Issues with Ongoing Violence CTV News January 6, 2014
The Crisis in the Central African Republic Voice of America December 16, 2013
Can Kenya Handle the Threat of a 'Much More Lethal' al-Shabab? PBS September 23, 2013
A Primer on the Somali Terrorist Group Al-Shabab NPR September 23, 2013
Does Kenya Mall Attack Highlight Failed US Policy? Fox News Channel September 23, 2013
Al-Shabab: Who & Why? PRI September 23, 2013
Chad Claims Killing of al Qaeda Commander Wall Street Journal March 1, 2013
Rise of Terror in Africa CCTV News February 3, 2013
Africa Experts Discuss Security Situation in Mali C-SPAN February 1, 2013
Al-Qaida in Africa C-SPAN January 29, 2013
U.S. Military Seeks Its Role In Troubled North Africa NPR January 23, 2013
Libyan Crisis Sparked Rising Extremism in North Africa NPR January 23, 2013
The Situation in Mali and Algeria The Charlie Rose Show January 17, 2013
Logistical Challenges of Combating Islamic Militants in Saharan Africa PBS January 17, 2013
Mali Unrest Spills into Neighboring Algeria PRI January 17, 2013
French Troops, Air Power Could Attract More Foreign Fighters To Mali NPR January 15, 2013
What's At Stake In Hotspots Across The Globe NPR January 15, 2013
Weighing Foreign Intervention in Mali China Central Television October 28, 2012
US Considers Adding Boko Haram to Terrorist List Radio France Internationale June 19, 2012
The Situation in Mali and the Islamist Threat in West Africa Voice of America June 16, 2012
Viral Video Sheds New Light on Kony CNN March 10, 2012
A Lethal Alliance: al Shabaab and al Qaeda CNN February 11, 2012
Who Was Behind Kidnapping, Rescue in Somalia? PBS NewsHour January 25, 2012
South Sudan Struggles in Its Infancy Voice of America January 19, 2012
After Gaddafi, An Uncertain Future for the Rest of Africa American Public Media October 20, 2011
Implications of the Libyan Rebellion C-SPAN August 26, 2011
Gauging U.S. Military Involvement in Somalia WYNC/Public Radio International August 11, 2011
Somaliland Independence Canadian Broadcasting Corporation August 2, 2011
Somaliland: A Game-Changer? Capitol Connection July 24, 2011
Extremists, Corruption Pose Big Problems Getting Aid to Famine-Stricken Somalis PBS July 22, 2011
Somali Piracy Fox News Channel May 11, 2011
What's Next for Ivory Coast's Gbagbo, Government, People? PBS April 5, 2011
Ivory Coast: Gbagbo Negotiating his Surrender WNYC/Public Radio International April 5, 2011
Thousands Flee Ivory Coast as Violence Continues WNYC/Public Radio International April 4, 2011
Ivory Coasts See Continued Fighting WNYC/Public Radio International April 1, 2011
Ivory Coast Presidential Power Struggle Continues WNYC/Public Radio International March 28, 2011
How to Combat Pirates Fox News Channel March 6, 2011
Hunt for Somali Pirates National Geographic Channel August 23, 2010

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